The Energy Efficiency Movement transforms into an independent association



  • ABB and Alfa Laval lead the Energy Efficiency Movement’s governance transformation

  • The founding members elected the executive committee

  • The change will contribute to the movement’s continuous growth   

The Energy Efficiency Movement (EEM), a trailblazer in energy efficient practices for industry since 2021, today announced its governance transformation. The Movement is now organized as a non-profit association registered in Zurich, Switzerland. Having received pledges from more than 500 organizations, published relevant material such as The Case for Industrial Energy Efficiency and participated in dozens of events worldwide, the EEM has proven its pertinence. Therefore, the new governance model came as a natural step to grow the Movement even further. The change in legal status will not take away from its main purpose: promoting the use of energy-efficient solutions and technologies to save energy, reduce costs and CO2 emissions. The EEM operates without commercial motives.

As part of this transformation the founding members, ABB and Alfa Laval, elected the following persons to the EEM Association executive committee:

  • Thomas Møller, President, Energy Division, Executive Vice President, Alfa Laval

  • Tarak Mehta, President Motion business area, ABB

  • Prof. Dr. Johann W. Kolar, Director, Power Electronics System Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

Mike Umiker, who joined the EEM in June of 2023, will continue in his role of Managing Director of the Energy Efficiency Movement Association.

“Today marks an important steppingstone for the Movement. Having launched the initiative in 2021, we are very proud of the rapid success and momentum gained by the Energy Efficiency Movement (EEM). It is great to have witnessed the swift and growing mobilization inside and outside our organization, including commercial competitors, for a greater purpose,” said Tarak Mehta, President Motion business area, ABB. “I am grateful to continue the journey as part of the executive committee, and I encourage other business leaders to pledge to energy efficiency today, by joining the EEM.”

“Energy efficiency is crucial for meeting the Paris Agreement and the COP28 targets to double the global rate of energy efficiency improvements until 2030 to reach net zero. Industry plays a key role. As much as 50% of today’s potential for energy efficiency saving comes from the industrial sector according to the IEA, and increased energy efficiency could account for more than 40% of emissions reductions in the next 20 years,” said Thomas Møller, President of Energy Division, Alfa Laval. Collaboration is vital and that is why the Energy Efficiency Movement is a highly important platform in which the entire value chain can get together to accelerate these actions. Alfa Laval’s contribution to the Movement is rooted in a century of experience of working with energy efficiency. Together with partners, we can support in accelerating the transition even further.”

“I have always been convinced that the Energy Efficiency Movement (EEM) has the potential to become a relevant voice of industry on this important energy transition topic. I am honored to be part of the EEM executive committee and will contribute the academic viewpoint, which provides the intellectual foundation for transformative change”, said Prof. Dr. Johann W. Kolar, Director of Power Electronics System Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

To join the EEM in this transformative journey and contribute to shaping a sustainable future for industry and the planet together, please click here.

The Energy Efficiency Movement is a non-profit association committed to accelerating energy efficiency globally and serves as a voice for industry on this topic. Its main purpose is promoting the use of energy-efficient solutions and technologies to save energy, reduce CO2 and costs. It unites industry leaders, experts, and advocates who share a common vision: a world powered by sustainable practices. The Movement was launched in 2021 and has received a positive reaction throughout industry, with hundreds of companies joining in more than 40 countries. www.energyefficiencymovement.com