Fast 4 Access


C.K Tools, the trusted choice for trade professionals, has launched the shortest fluted wood bits on the market. Fast4Access drill bits, just 80mm in length, will allow users to drill through wood to create clean and fast holes in limited space.

50 per cent shorter than the existing Fast4 range, and 30% shorter than similar products on the market, Fast4Access is ideal when space is too tight to drill a hole head on, or accuracy is essential. Designed for tight corners, smaller joists, and jobs where a smooth run is critical – for example installing pipe through multiple joists – Fast4Access promises fast, tidy results when drilling into wood.

Fast 4 Access 1 Fast 4 Access 3
Fast 4 Access 2 Fast 4 Access 4

The high-performance drill bits boast a threaded screw tip for faster drilling speed, and four cutting faces, giving clean, accurate holes at speed. Its four-flute design also ensures the rapid removal of wood chips and debris.

Crafted to C.K Tools’ trademark high standards, Fast4Access is made from high carbon steel with black oxide coating, making it jobsite ready and safe from corrosion. For added durability, it can also be sharpened by the user. Its 6.35mm hex shank and range of core sizes (16mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm) add to Fast4Access’ ease of use.

Brinley Buckley Roberts, brand manager at C.K Tools, says: “This latest range promises all the traits of our standard Fast4 line-up – durability, speed, precision, cleanliness – in the smallest package on the market. It’s going to simplify and tidy tricky jobs in countless scenarios, removing the need to drill at an angle and producing neat and tidy holes without sacrificing speed or power.

“As with all our products, the range has been crafted with precision engineering and promises longevity as well as great results. These bits might be tiny, but they’re set to make a big impact.”