GreenKnight Sustainable Hand Protection




MCR Safety pride themselves on being leaders and innovators in the field of industrial hand protection.  They have reacted quickly to changes in ethical thinking with regards to the environment as industry adapts to protect our planet.

Over the last few years, Technologists at MCR Safety have developed a new brand of sustainable products called GreenKnight.  GreenKnight was introduced in early in 2023 and has already been well received by businesses and end users alike.

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Demand for eco-friendly PPE is growing in momentum and being able to supply reliable products made with recycled content and delivered in recyclable packaging is just part of MCR’s environmentally friendly ethos.

Their mission is to reduce environmental impact by eliminating single use plastics where possible, using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption within the manufacturing process.  They have invested a great deal of time to explore all the avenues available in the development of GreenKnight which only uses high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced materials.


With a powerful logo and branding, GreenKnight is designed to stand apart from MCR’s existing brands so wearers can easily identify that they are using a sustainably inspired product.  Further guarantees are provided as the range achieves both GRS and RCS certification.

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