Hartland G2 - Home is where the Hartland is.



'Fashions fade, style is eternal’ and that is so true when choosing not only the location but the brand of accessories for your client. One way I used to help my clients choose their accessories and best locations to showcase them, was to keep a couple of samples in the back of my vehicle. I’d go and collect the accessories out of my van, sit them on the kitchen worktop, (that’s the accessories, not the client!) and let them imagine how their new kitchen was going to look. Very often by the next morning they were convinced, and orders could then be taken.

Today the stakes are so much higher because so many clients just want that minimalistic look in their kitchen, which often excludes seeing our electrical accessories on display – banishing them to the back of a dark cupboard. So, I ask you fellow sparkies, if our clients can’t see our masterful work (as most of it is hidden behind plaster board or under flooring anyway) how are they going to really appreciate what we do?

One way is by fitting accessories that they WANT to see and show-off and to this end Hamilton has definitely risen to this challenge with its new Hartland G2 screwless range.

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