Horstmann at Ecobuild


Stand No: N2425

Horstmann is one of the UK’s foremost designers and manufacturers of domestic central heating controls and its latest products use advanced technology that can contribute significantly to saving energy - in many cases as much as 10% annually.

Conventional and programmable room thermostats using the very latest TPI technology (Time Proportional Integral) have proven features that improve boiler firing efficiency and contribute significantly to energy savings.

It is TPI technology around which the latest HRT room thermostats and C-Stat programmable room thermostat ranges are designed. Both controls outperform many older styles of thermostat with their precise and efficient software optimising the boiler firing regime so it fires for shorter durations as the room temperature approaches the set point. In tests undertaken independently by the industry body TACMA, this created the potential for energy savings in the order of 10% when used with modern condensing boilers. Horstmann also promotes best practice with householders and installers that can likewise create efficiencies and savings.

It is estimated that some 8 million homes in the UK are operating central heating systems with controls that are rudimentary at best and also highly inefficient.

Again, TACMA has identified this situation in a piece of independent research with the common denominator in the affected households being they are running a heating system without a room thermostat.

In other words, the boiler water temperature is pre-set, a time switch is fitted to control the on/off function and then individual TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves) are relied upon to provide the room temperature control.

Adding a Horstmann room thermostat to an existing installation could not be easier. Horstmann has developed units that are wireless for simple, trouble-free installation without additional cabling and damage to decor. There are also wired and battery versions ideal for upgrading existing installations.

At Ecobuild a wide selection of heating and hot water controls will be exhibited and the features of many will be demonstrated on the stand.