Hamilton's LEDstat


Hamilton Litestat has revealed that its latest innovation, the ‘LEDstat Intelligent Dimmer’ has been shortlisted in the Innovative Residential/Domestic Product of the Year category of the Electrical Industry Awards 2014. The dimmer resolves compatibility issues between LEDs and the dimmer when used with the same, or mixed branded LED lamps and is part of Hamilton’s range of lighting control and multi-room audio solutions.


Ian Hamilton says: “We were confident that we had a strong entry with our new LEDstat dimmer because reaction and feedback from the market to the product launch has been extremely positive. Resolving compatibility issues between LEDs and dimmers has been the source of much frustration for contractors ever since LEDs were first introduced. But things have taken a giant leap forward with Hamilton LEDstat – an intelligent LED dimmer that monitors and programmes itself for best performance when used with the same or mixed branded LED lamps. We are now looking forward to the next stage of the Electrical Industry Awards selection process.”

Orluna LED recently tweeted that the company had independently tested the LEDstat dimmer and reported that it worked ‘beautifully with their products.  Feedback from other satisfied customers includes:

“We have been promoting the Hamilton LEDstat dimmer in the Republic of Ireland since its introduction. We have found the response very encouraging. Both contractors and distributors have said that LEDstat offers a good solution to a difficult challenge that of dimming LED lamps. We have yet to find a lamp that we cannot dim and the programmable minimum output feature has the lowest of loads dimming flicker free.”
Paul Noonan, Managing Director, Switch Distribution

“LED lamps are starting to be used more widely in the United Arab Emirates. With the Lumens per watt increasing this has meant many of our customers now require the lamps to be dimmed. Until now we have not been able to confidently offer a dimmer that can control many of today’s LED lamps. With the introduction of Hamilton’s new LEDstat dimmer this means we can now offer a dimmer that actually works with most LED lamps available in our market.”
Shabbir Rajkotwala, Business Manager, Eclipse Electricals llc

“I would just like to say thanks for your help on the LED dimming issue I had with a customer. After a couple of weeks of my customer messing around trying different makes of dimmers he finally solved the problem with in minutes of receiving your LED100STAT on site. This is now the second time this dimmer has got one of my customer out of a problem and I will be recommending it more in the future.”
Mark Hornblow, Lighting Designer, Rexel Electrical Supplies

For further information on Hamilton’s LEDstat Dimmer and full range of products and services, please visit:  www.hamilton-litestat.com, call +44 (0)1747 860088 or email: info@hamilton-litestat.com