Industry Leading Matt:e Guardian Available in Proteus Switchgear



Matt:e Guardian now available within Proteus Switchgear. With the modern-day dependency on always being connected the importance has never been higher for a clean and safe electrical supply and infrastructure. This is why here at Proteus we have again teamed up with Matt:e to incorporate their ground breaking and completely unique Guardian device within our switchgear offering.

The Guardian device is a new monitoring solution for detecting and protecting against broken neutral faults and stray voltages on the electrical supply and infrastructure of a building.

Being as reliant as we are on electricity both in our homes and places of work any issues within the supply can quite quickly cause major disruptions. Faults within the infrastructure and breakages or bad connections of the neutral conductors can be caused by:

roadworks, corrosion, wear and tear
  • Road works

  • Corrosion

  • General wear and tear to an aging network

Currently this type of fault is not detected within an installation but a breakage or bad connection in the neutral conductor can cause:

  • Danger of electrocution

  • High voltages – leading to over heating

  • Damage or destruction to critical loads

  • Damage to expensive machinery or connected appliances

  • Fire hazard especially when not identified quickly

The Guardian technology detects and protects against broken neutral faults and stray voltages by monitoring the incoming supply. When installed on the main incoming supply the Guardian ensures the property is protected as well as equipment and building users from faults entering the infrastructure. Early detection of broken neutral faults or stray voltages can prevent major instances and repairs can be made ahead of such events. Once a fault is detected alerts can be sent to facility managers or building users and if needed the Guardian can isolate specific supplies if they’re becoming unsafe.

The Guardian also incorporates the patented Matt:e O-PEN® technology to provide additional detection and protection against:

  • Loss of neutral

  • Broken PEN conductor

  • Stray voltages on any bonded surface including gas pipework

  • Voltages on earth and ground conductors

  • High and low line voltages

  • High and low frequency.


The highly spec’d Guardian device offers a web based portal allowing each device to be remotely monitored and fault alerts sent to registered users via email or SMS. The guardian is purchased with 12 months FREE subscription, after this you can view the device however to receive alerts a subscription is then required.

The device can be installed on all buildings with a three phase supply in varying sectors such as: Power Utilities, Data Centres, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, Hotels, Rail, Agricultural and many more.

Within an installation the Guardian devices can be installed on the main incoming board to monitor the supply into a property. To monitor more on an installation the device can also be utilised on sub distribution boards if additional protection is desired, these would monitor the installation/infrastructure within the property.

Guardian technology

Therefore, we can offer the Guardian device built-in to our switchgear arrangements, such as our LV floor standing switch boards, wall mounted panel boards, TP+N boards and within our range of distribution boards for EV chargers. Incorporating the device within the switchgear reduces the need for additional enclosures to house the protection, therefore reducing installation time and it also saves onsite space for your installation.

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