Master multi-zone heating with H3747


Managing a multi-zone heating system can be a complex task, especially in larger homes or spaces where different areas have different heating requirements.

Secure’s H3747 simplifies this by allowing you to control up to four heating zones independently from a single, user-friendly interface, enhancing comfort and optimising energy use.



  • 9-pin backplate – easy to retrofit

  • Boiler Plus compliant

  • 7-year no-quibble warranty

  • Local and smart control capability

  • Optimum start and stop

Secure’s H3747 lets you easily program and adjust the heating settings for different zones, giving you the option to tailor it for different needs. Temperatures can also be set for different times of the day or week. This helps contribute to a more energy-efficient home or office. By heating only the spaces in use, and only when needed, the H3747 helps to maintain a balance between comfort and energy consumption.

If you want to place an order or contact Secure directly, please email sales_uk@securemeters.com.