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Website Features

Our Olson EV website is home to the standard distribution board offering which is available in 100A or 200A incomers with 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 outgoing ways (please note 16 outgoing ways is only available in the 200A version) and a range of circuit protection devices and accessories. The site also hosts a wealth of information regarding the matt:e O-PEN® protection device and the benefits this has on your installation.

From the website you can contact our sales team directly with your needs by completing the enquiry form which can be found on each product page or on the homepage of the site. This short form asks all the questions our sales team will need to help provide you with a quotation or further information.

The website has multiple sharing options from product pages or news articles via social media channels or even WhatsApp on your mobile phones. This feature enables the viewer to share information with work colleagues and customers to ensure everyone is aware of this new range from Olson EV.

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UK Manufactured

With the experience of over 60 years of manufacturing, Olson are able to accommodate the matt:e O-PEN® protection device within the switchgear assembly which is then not limited to a certain amount of outgoing ways. As a result, installing one board as opposed to multiple meaning this will reduce the space required for the switchgear side of the EV charge point install. By providing the protection within the switchgear you will reduce the risk of striking buried services during your installation.

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O-PEN® Protection

The O-PEN® device can detect load imbalances under all conditions including open PEN on three phase PME infrastructures and safely isolates the incoming supply or electrical loads. This helps prevent the risk of electric shocks if dangerous touch voltages occur above 70V in line with BS 7671. Utilising the O-PEN® technology on EV applications saves time and costs during installation, but more importantly offers a safer alternative to Earth electrodes.

Not only does this level of protection negate the need for costly and time-consuming ground works, when monitoring the PEN conductor and in the event of a fault, the 5 pole MCB will trip and automatically reclose once the fault has cleared.

The new Olson EV site is now live with the complete product range and a helpful enquiry form should you need something custom made to your specific installation requirements. Check out the site now and contact us direct for more information, prices, and quotes.