On-Site Backup Power Services


Spotlight on compliance

At BLE Lighting & Power, we're not just about providing emergency lighting and back-up power products - we're committed to offering a complete range of on-site services to support your safety needs every step of the way.

From expert delivery of power solutions to seamless installation and commissioning, and ongoing maintenance and service options, we've got you covered at every stage of the process.

Our dedicated team of engineers bring extensive on-site experience to the table, ensuring that your equipment is installed and commissioned with precision for compliance and long-term reliability.

We are proud to have accreditations with Construction Line, Safe Contractor, and CHAS in place for on-site working. Our team also holds ECS Cards for approved work on construction sites, and we ensure our team members undergo DBS checks. 

surveys supply

Before proceeding with any project, we will perform a thorough site survey to guarantee that we are providing the optimal solution and addressing any potential challenges with effective solutions.

We can manage the transportation of bulky and hefty products to our clients or directly to their sites. Our proficient team ensures the proper loading and unloading of items, preserving the integrity of the product.

installation battery

Our skilled team will arrive on-site to install your back-up power system which includes positioning of the system and connection to the current electrical infrastructure. 

We will undertake the assembly of the batteries on our back-up power systems including connection of terminals, wiring, and ensuring proper ventilation is in place.

commissioning service

Our team of engineers will guarantee the proper installation, thorough testing, and seamless operation of the system. We will meticulously check that every component and feature of the backup power system is performing as designed.

We also provide service and maintenance agreements as an integral part of our offerings, ensuring the durability of your emergency system precisely when it matters the most.

WEEE Recycling

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sales team about our range of on-site services for back-up power.

We also offer the removal, disposal and recycling of used central battery systems and batteries as part of our of Full Turnkey Solution.