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PROXIMA is a complete range of interlocked socket outlets from 16 to 63A, with or without fuse protection in 16A and 32A versions. Available as single surface mounting or flush mounting socket outlets to be installed on the relative modular bases and distribution assembly system. Flush mounting versions have the switch pre-wired upstream to speed up the wiring operations and installation. The large and recessed knob facilitates operation in any condition, while at the same time preventing breakage from accidental impacts.

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The clean and linear lines reduce the possibility of accumulation of water and dirt and increase the impact resistance. Disappearing switchboard opening system with a recessed knob to protect it from accidental impacts. Lids and ring nuts with a clear indication of open/closed status with a latch in the open position to guarantee the IP54 degree of protection without tightening the ring nut.


The fast-wiring flush mounting sockets, with pre-wired switch and easy-to-install slotted open bottom fixing points. Integrated spirit level with full-flat design protection from accidental impacts and dirt and water deposits.


The availability of flange adapters allows the installation in the PROXIMA System of OPTIMA Series industrial plugs and sockets or DOMO and DOMOPLUS Series watertight domestic plugs and sockets.


All these products and more are on our website: www.scame.co.uk or email sales@scame.co.uk and 01684 299600.