Red Arrow strengthens existing LED offer


RA Osram

With 70 percent of the global lighting market dedicated to LED sales – and this only set to increase – users and buyers of LED lighting products have more choice than ever over the luminaires they acquire. Equally, their expectations for LED are evolving.

Not only do LED luminaires need to demonstrate exceptional performance and controllability, but they also need to be adaptable and energy efficient. Those that are will be the choice for architects, specifiers and electricians in installations that have two priorities for businesses and the built environment – sustainability and energy security.

For more than 100 years, OSRAM has been a mark of trust for the professional lighting industry for its ability to meet the evolving demands of wholesalers and their customers.

Now, OSRAM is joining forces with Red Arrow’s RA PRO range, as the UK-based lighting manufacturer becomes the partner of choice and exclusive licensed distributor of OSRAM Professional General Lighting luminaires.

The partnership will be complementary: both Red Arrow (through its RA PRO range of products) and OSRAM share a steadfast commitment to sustainability, innovation, excellence in design and unmatched performance.

OSRAM’s range of luminaires will complement those manufactured and distributed by RA PRO, with standout OSRAM products including the Pursos Floodlight (with options for DALI and DMX controls for sports and concert venues respectively) and the LEDTouch Cylinder Downlight, with a 50,000-hour life and 50 percent energy savings compared to traditional downlights.

For Graham Lewis, Sales Director at Red Arrow, the partnership represents a natural pairing: “RA PRO is excited to showcase its luminaires alongside OSRAM’s Professional luminaires, and both ranges have been manufactured with the intention of promoting excellence.

The OSRAM and RA PRO ranges complement each other in many ways, with a 7-year warranty and a 2-year on-site warranty being a benchmark of the RA PRO range.

Working together in collaboration will bring a new strong partnership into the lighting marketplace that above all, values the lit environment.”

Combining OSRAM’s legacy for exceptional luminaires and brand trust with Red Arrow’s technical expertise and industry-leading warranties, the partnership will represent one of the most reliable, technically-sound LED luminaire propositions for progressive wholesalers to the UK professional lighting market.