Meet our smart-capable controls


With our products, you can choose the level of smart you want, giving you the flexibility to fine tune them to your liking.


Our controls range, including the C1727, H3747, and the E7+ are all designed under the philosophy of giving you the power to choose the degree of smartness you want in your product. Right from taking them out of the box they have full functionality and can be used as a unit on the wall or connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The mobile app gives you full control if you are within the property. If you want more, our Wi-Fi adaptor gives you full smart control, from anywhere. Do you require a simple set up? The Wi-Fi adaptor provides you that. Step 1: Slot it into the front of the programmer. Step 2: enter the Wi-Fi password on your mobile app and you are set to go with full connectivity. There is no gateway or hub to configure and power, and no extra plugging in. We believe this is something that makes us unique, as it enables you to choose what works for you.

If you would like to place an order or to get in touch with us directly, please email sales_uk@securemeters.com.

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