Triple Pole Fan Isolator Switch with Fuse



A triple pole fan isolator is a switch specifically designed for isolating power to equipment such as extractor fans. They are commonly used in bathroom environments for extractor fans that need to work in conjunction with lights.

Triple pole fan isolator switches have both a permanent live and a switched live connection, as a result the fan will start when the light is switched on. However, fans are generally time controlled and will continue for a set period once the light is switched off. The switches can be used to control the power for maintenance or simply cutting the power when not in use.

M2 have various fan isolator switches available across the product ranges such as slimline, square, decorative and decorative screwless. They’re 10A rated, constructed to fit a 1 gang format, and intended to be wall mounted into a 25mm back box.

These are not fused, should the manufacturers guidelines of a fan dictate that the triple pole fan isolator switch should be fused down, then we can offer our unique triple pole fan isolator grid module. Remembering BS 7671 states that manufacturer’s guides can supersede the regulations. This can easily be assembled into a 1 gang 2 module grid plate alongside a fuse module rated up to 13A. This is available in our slimline and decorative screwless ranges.

As the industry continues to provide safe working practices for electricians, if your manufacturer requires this, our grid option will retro fit a standard 1 gang back box to ensure an easy replacement and remove the need to add further isolation into your installation. Clear indication on the front face after installation provides full compliance, as these switches provide a safe and simple method of isolating equipment.

In support of our commitment to product safety and quality and to showcase the confidence we have in our products, our switches are covered by our 25-year guarantee.

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